About Us

Ligher Surgical instruments is based in a town of Sialkot named as Kotli Loharan which means the town of iron-smith. The ancestors of this village had been indulged in making Artillery weapons like swords etc. With the passage of time this art changed in making medical instruments of different kinds. Continuing the rituals of ancestors, Mr.Muhammad Shafiq established the "Ligher Surgical Instruments company" in 2002 with the aim to achieve customer's satisfaction through quality instruments.

Ligher surgical instruments is aimed to provide high quality instruments to its prestigious customers. Ligher manufactures and exports a wide range of surgical instruments especially Eye Surgery instruments, Surgical and dental instruments with the help of experienced staff and qualified management.

The instruments are made up of high quality stainless steel to achieve the desired quality, required sharpness and longevity..All the instruments are manufactured under the ligher roof passing through the special purpose quality control cells in order to meet customers dynamic needs.

We always strive to achieve complete satisfaction of our customer which is necessary for a long lasting business relationship. We are also continuously developing new products, upgrading our instruments in all possible ways through technological enhancements and investigating under improved methods.

We are manufacturing Single Use Surgical Instruments and Reusable Surgical Hospital Tools along with custom designed surgical instruments to meet specific requirements and branding needs.

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- Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry
- Surgical Instruments Manufacturer Association of Pakistan, Sialkot